Eligibility for admission

Ready to enrol your child at HF School, but want to reconfirm the eligibility criteria? Well, it is simple and self-explanatory. Admission criteria in HF School are based on two parameters, just the way it is in any other school. One, the age of the child and two, the previous grade completed.

For calculating the child’s eligible age, we have a simple formula that you can refer to. The child’s age is calculated on the 1st of April in the academic year when the child is taking admission.

If you are admitting your child to HF School for the academic year 2022-23, the table below clearly helps you find which grade is your child eligible for, based on their date of birth (or age):

If your child is born betweenHe/she is eligible for admission in GradeExact Age range
Apr 2, 2017, to Apr 1, 2019Nursery3 years +
Apr 2, 2016, to Apr 1, 2018KG4 years + and not completed 6 years
Apr 2, 2015, to Apr 1, 201715 years + and not completed 7 years
Apr 2, 2014, to Apr 1, 201626 years + and not completed 8 years
Apr 2, 2013, to Apr 1, 201537 years + and not completed 9 years
Apr 2, 2012, to Apr 1, 201448 years + and not completed 10 years
Apr 2, 2011, to Apr 1, 201359 years + and not completed 11 years
Apr 2, 2010, to Apr 1, 2012610 years + and not completed 12 years
Apr 2, 2009, to Apr 1, 2011711 years + and not completed 13 years
Apr 2, 2008, to Apr 1, 2010812 years + and not completed 14 years

Note: We will need a copy of the Birth Certificate (or a similar related document provided by any approved Government/Private body) for confirming your child’s age.

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