• 2500+ learning modules for concept explanation
  • Interactive activities for student engagement
  • Mind maps and summary to recap the concepts
  • Tools to create an interactive teaching environment
  • Additional resources for extra practice of concepts learnt
  • MCQ quizzes and worksheets to provide self-practice sessions 
  • Revision Assignment to revise the chapter
  • Teacher created and shared resources in the form of videos, PDFs and web links

Pre-Primary Digital Content

Digital content is the USP of Pre-Primary curriculum. It is interactive and enhances student’s learning ability. Teaching through digital media is engaging and entertaining. Students can learn different concepts, rhymes and songs, vocabulary and many more. Digital media comprises rhymes and stories, theme-based concepts, interactive worksheets and games.

Rhymes and Stories are unique as they have been specially designed for our curriculum. The verses and songs are aligned with the themes. Most of these have been exclusively written by the content team and animated in-house. The student enjoys the rhythm and beat of each rhyme/song and can copy the actions while watching it.  

Vocabulary building – Students learn new words while they are watching rhymes and stories, theme-based concepts or even while playing games. Students identify the letters of the alphabet and then point to the picture and say their names. It enhances the vocabulary of a student by learning new words starting with that alphabet. 

Theme-based concepts – Thematic picture dictionary is digitised with a voice to make it interactive for students. Themes have been designed to enable students to understand and get familiar with their immediate environment. It becomes unique as it has been animated, and the pictures are relatable, which helps to teach a general awareness of the surroundings. 

Interactive worksheets and games – Students are engaged in completing interactive worksheets or games which helps in practicing the concept taught. These games or worksheets let students move at their own pace and help in making their learning stronger. It captures the attention of the student and helps in developing different skills. There are also writing practice worksheets aligned with the themes that give a thorough writing practice to students.

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